Programming your NFC Lost & Found Tag in Your mooli Camera Bag

Step 1 : Download ‘NFC Tag Reader by NXP’ on your mobile phone from the google play store.  Please note that your device must be NFC enabled. Check if your device is NFC enabled here. 

Step 2 : Open the app and select ‘Write Tag’ from the menu. Then select ‘new data set’ . 

Step 3 : Select ‘Plain Text’ and enter your Contact information. For security we do not recommend storing your full address on the tag.   

Step 4 : Select ‘Save & Write’ and ensure that ‘Password Protection’ is switched on.

Step 5 : Select ‘Write’ then ‘Tap to Confirm Store’ hold the handset over the internal logo patch for 2-3 seconds. Select ‘Done’ . If tag failed to write, repeat from step 3.  

Step 6 : Test your Lost and Found Tag by holding your NFC enabled handset over the internal logo patch of your mooli Camera Bag. 

The process is now complete. 

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